Preparing for Spring!

Preparing for Spring!

The winter snow is melting away, and the birds are beginning their instinctive orchestra signaling the seasonal change coming about. You may notice bulbs emerging from the soil and the white flower of the Serviceberry urging the early spring insects to do their duties of pollination.

     As you look around your outdoor space, you might notice that the mulch is reaching the point of total decomposition.  Last year’s leaves might be scattered across the lawn and a haze of green begins to cover the shrubs and trees.  Buds begin to swell and most of your perennials are poking through the mulch and leaf litter. 

    This natural cycle can be helped along to bring out the beauty of the landscape around you.  MTC&L offers a Spring Clean Up service to enhance the curb appeal of your yard and to entice you to go outdoors and enjoy your beautiful landscape. This service is tailored to your needs and can be as minimal or expansive as you wish. A typical service includes removal of leaves and debris from landscape beds, pruning of grasses, perennials, ground cover and shrubs, applications of fertilizer and pre-emergent weed control and edging and mulching of beds and mower zones. We also offer a follow up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance program to keep your property looking good throughout the growing season.

    Our staff of highly trained professionals is ready to assist with any of your tree and landscape needs.  Proper maintenance will add many years onto your existing landscaping. Allow us to be the caretakers of your space as spring brings it back into bloom!